when you love hard

If you were ever to ask someone who really knew me how they’d describe me, it’s likely that the word ‘passionate’ would, at some point, come up in that conversation. When I’m passionate about something or someone, it’s quite clear. You hear it in the power of my voice when I speak, you can feel it in my demeanor, you see the glimmer in my eyes, and my smile emerges from ear to ear.

When I love, I love HARD…

          Because I believe, with all my heart, that everyone deserves to be loved with my deepest and most sincere emotion. I would love you in a way that reminds you that you are magical. In a way that gives you butterflies, serving as a reminder that real love is alive, within this moment, between us. I would love you despite your fears, flaws and frustrations. Beyond your past, beyond the hearts you’ve broken before and the tears you’ve inspired others to shed. I would write you poems; some of which you’d get to read, most of which I’d gather and dedicate as a book of my expression, to you. I’d love you with the same devotion that dolphins love the sea, because they get to live inside her and swim within her wetness. It’d be a love so powerful that mountains would make paths and the heavens would open for us, willingly. The touch of our skin would send 4th dimensional vibrations to your most sensitive spots, the way we would lay and play would make you wish our minutes were days.

I mean, if I can be honest, I just want to love you and be who I am.

      ‘Cause being loved hard isn’t for everyone. Sometimes when you love hard, it chases people away. Your raw inclination to make them a priority terrifies them. Maybe because they’ve been wounded before by the trauma of empty promises paired with a fear of giving in again or maybe because they love you so much already that they’re scared to become engulfed and drown.

Either way, never stop loving hard. After enough encounters with people too frail to love you with the same reciprocity (a test of life, I assure you), the universe will reunite you with your twin flame when you least expect it and you will finally know what it’s like to be loved as hard as you love.


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