why our right to bear arms matters too

       The second amendment states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        In essence this means that we have the right to own and use weapons in the United States. However lately there has been an huge spike in gun violence in this country. We’ve been seeing people die at the hands of homophobia, racism, police brutality, domestic violence, hatred and war. What’s stood out to me most is the recent #AltonSterling case, which involves a Louisiana father of 5 being MURDERED by 2 white police officers after being pinned down to the ground and shot multiple times. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Sounds a lot like the deaths of #TrayvonMartin #MiriamCarey #EricGarner #SandraBland #AmadouDiallo #TanishaAnderson and #PierreLoury. Sounds like the thousands of other cases of innocent, compliant black and brown people who have been viciously MURDERED by poorly trained, internally oppressed officers who are being brainwashed by these fascist police departments and government agencies.

         While many are under the impression that the upsurge of violence, especially by crooked law enforcement, warrants a ban on the sale of weapons, I sincerely beg to differ. I think this means we need to start arming ourselves against these blatantly tyrannical institutions before they kill us all. Now, of course I believe weapons should only be sold to those of a sane mental state, but it’s clear that these standards aren’t being properly enforced because gun violence is rampant. A part of me also believes media sensationalizes crime (especially in urban neighborhoods) to keep people in constant states of fear, prompting a heavier reliance on police when the reality is that police bring more violence and conflict than already exist in the urban jungle.

              I see a pattern here, I see a path forming. It can easily be foreshadowed how after enough slaughter, the powers that be will decide (without properly informing us) to eradicate the second amendment and the masses will be left unarmed and vulnerable. Then what? What do you think will happen when the people can’t defend themselves against their own government? CHAOS.

             George Washington and John Adams are both quoted talking about how the second amendment is mostly important because it grants people the right to defend themselves, not against one another, but against abusive governments that threaten the people’s safety and freedom. Hitler was also quoted saying that the best way to conquer a nation is to first disarm its citizens. I don’t refer to these men for their great contributions to history, I quote them because they’re figures in history known for their power and influence over millions and because history repeats itself, I’m trying to bring things full circle.

          My point is, while it’s tragic that the lives of our brothers and sisters are being taken, we have to think about the lives of those who still remain and how we are going to defend them. And truthfully the best way is to make sure there are weapons available to the masses as much as they are to the militia. It’s nice to think that banning weapons will change the state of world violence, but if we dare take a closer look, we’ll see that most of the violence is coming from law enforcement and the military. So who would a weapons ban really help? … Just think about it.

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