… I am not meant to be a slave. I am not meant to be anyone’s subordinate. I am not meant to take orders from anyone whose as enslaved as I. I am not meant to respect hierarchies, ignoring the fallacies of those “in power.” I am not meant to be satisfied with earning a measly salary that gets ridiculously taxed in order to pay for the oppressor’s war.



      I wanted to downplay my inner light so that others wouldn’t hate me for being who I was destined to be. I thought that by blending in, complying and asking God for a humble and enriching life I’d fulfill my purpose quietly. I wasn’t trying to rock the boat, I was afraid to offend the meek with my brilliance. As if minimizing my gifts and talents was truly the best course of action for myself… I thought that reaching my highest potential was a betrayal to my humble beginnings. I thought I wasn’t good enough to be wealthy. I thought myself too average to dream beyond the four corners of my hood BUT as much I tried to hide, I can no longer pretend to be the same because the truth is


I always have been and always will be meant to do bigger and better with my life than what has been predestined by society. All this time I thought being the real me; a goddess among mortals, was selfish and vain… So deeply convinced that I was meant to fade into the background that I allowed myself to do just that. I was so lost that I once believed I was screwing the system by letting my life shrivel and waste. Now I know better. Now I understand that dimming my shine was truly the selfish act all along. That in silencing myself, I only disservice myself and my community because a voice as powerful as mine is meant to be heard, respected and acknowledged. I’ve come too far, taken too many risks and have accomplished too much to settle for anything less than what I deserve! This moment marks a major shift in my own personal paradigm, and while I realize that failure comes as a blessing too, only greatness is to be expected.

Stay (in) tune.

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