trump: an analysis

           Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, is truly going to make America great again… AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT! In contemplating the results of the presidential election from a place of spirit, I’ve found a sense of peace with it all. Maybe America needed this Trump presidency to understand just how dark they’ve allowed themselves to become at the hands of greed, corruption and bigotry. Perhaps this is just how far it needed to get in order to incite the type of change we’ve been seeking. Honestly speaking, American presidents have always been dogmatic (even our precious Obama), so let’s not pretend that we weren’t choosing between the lesser of two evils regardless. I mean Hillary Clinton, in essence, promotes and represents the same agenda of Amerikkka. Shed have won and everyone would’ve been satisfied just because it wasn’t Trump, which would’ve meant another 8 years of active cognitive dissonance and comfortable complacency? “NO WAY! Not this time,” said the Universe right before it rocked the WORLD with this election.


         We are in the Age of Aquarius, meaning our planet is in an energy of MAJOR, MYSTICAL, MUCH NEEDED transformation and this presidency is integral to the shift. It will be the straw that truly breaks the camel’s back and inspires the revolution. See, my faith has helped me develop an unshakable trust in the Universe, allowing me to widen my outlook and understand life from a place of more depth. From a spiritual lens this is what’s meant to happen, we are being forced to see what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. Society would have never decided to change its ways if we had 4 more years of a “convenient” democracy, the masses have become too complacent! The voices of the marginalized have become too silenced by the irrefutable shrieks of white and male supremacy. Now these shrieks have turned into a boisterous yell that the WORLD will hear, inadvertently allowing humanity to see themselves for what they are. Collective consciousness WILL emerge from this chaos, it has been written.


        More importantly WE, the people Trump’s reign threaten most, are too strong, too powerful, too magical to stay in a space of suffering. Do not lose sight of all we have done, it doesn’t serve you to lose hope! I know the situation isn’t conventional but we cannot stop living our lives due to fear, anxiety and frustration. Remember our ancestry, remember all that our people have endured, remember our collective strength, remember it’s what they fear most! We have survived and thrived despite genocide, slavery, displacement, misogyny, historical fallacy, capitalism, institutionalized hatred… it’s clear that we are simply unstoppable. We have come too far and fought too hard! We have to be strong for one another, we have to be each others’ allies, we have to become unconditional love. We also have to FUCK SHIT UP! We have to continue pursuing our dreams and goals, fortifying our vision everyday. We have to support businesses of color, empower our young women and girls to speak their truth, practice self-love and just BE free. Don’t be scared for your people, be strong for your people. At the end of the day this isn’t about politics, this is about liberating the community which starts with liberating YOURSELF.

           It’s also important to note that many of us will be (and others already are) coming into our paths soon, destiny is at your doorstep. Many of us will be touched by the universe’s magic in order to help facilitate this shift, pay attention to the signs in nature. To my fellow healers, guardians, bruja/os, creators, alchemists and dark/light workers this is our time to shine brightest, we are meant to overflow with source energy in these testing times to help our fellow man. So please use your gifts with power, intention and wisdom, remember this is about the collective before it is about you. To my fellow artists, creators and dreamers, keep inspiring the masses with your craft. Know that the vibration of your work will reach far and watch as the universe unfolds in your favor. And to ALL my fellow beings, keep your peace and happiness. Continue to be rays of light and love wherever you go. Embody joy, be as compassionate with one another as your heart allows. Continue healing your minds, bodies and souls. Do not let this event be a total tragedy, know and trust that good will come and simply shift your perspective. Become motivated by all that has happened to keep working on yourself so that someday the future generations have REAL options. Let this be the last time America falls this far. BE THE CHANGE.


Trump’s win metaphorically locked and loaded my spiritual and intellectual arsenals, I am ready…

Are you?

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