how I meditate: redefining the art of self-reflection

I’m on this spiritual journey, y’all…I’m aligning these chakras,  nourishing my soul, taking the time to understand my body and its needs and vibrating higher everyday! And I’m finally starting to gain momentum, I’m getting the hang of this magick shit and it is quite lovely. One of the concepts I’ve had the longest time unfolding has been this idea of merging my spiritual self with my physical and mental selves in order to activate the divine being I’m meant to be, right? Yet I’ve struggled to actually make the integration process as smooth as possible, particularly when it came to receiving guidance from the universe (AKA meditation). So I studied traditional meditation styles, doing my best to make it a part of my lifestyle even though I really wasn’t about that life. I was under the assumption that the only route I could take to listen to God was to walk someone else’s path, however I just couldn’t connect. See, I wanted so badly to be enligtened like the Buddha, little did I know that I could become my very own guru if I dared paint my own picture.

So I’m here, meditating, lotus position, eyes closed, spine long and tall, breathing deeply, mind in tune…and while sometimes that style of mediation suited me, I mostly tended to find myself drifting off, lacking focus, out of touch. In the beginning I’ll admit I was flustered. Again, I wanted to reach an unrealistic standard, I wanted to be something I wasn’t because I thought it’s what I NEEDED to do (to find myself), completely forgoing what came natural to me, what my heart WANTED to do. Eventually I stopped trying, it never became a part of my routine so I dubbed it. As time went by I learned to go with the flow of life rather than do so much trying, ’cause when you try hard, that’s when you die hard. There honestly wasn’t a singular event that bought me to my current sentiments about meditation. Let’s just say that life threw a series of hurdles my way that inadvertently forced me to do a lot of introspection and transformation, especially concerning my preconceived notions about spirituality.

Knowledge is power and power can make you, break you or do a bit of both. Initially I thought my intellectual knowings gave me leverage on this spiritual trip but really they hindered me from developing a natural flow with my higher self. I blame college for making me such an active learner, programming me to find logic even where there’s no need for it. I was so busy reading and doing research like this shit doesn’t come second nature to me, as if a book was going to teach me anything I didn’t know (on a soul level). Once I woke the fuck up to the facts, I realized I had been meditating my entire life but in non-traditional ways. Meditation is really just finding answers in spaces of inner stillness and what I’ve found is that I have the power to define what that means according to who I am and it has been so liberating. Who says you can’t dance, sing, run, fuck, smoke a L with the intention to go within and do just that? No one! The sky is the limit and even then it’s not when you’re conscious in this multidimensional universe. Some of my favorite forms of alternative meditation include (but aren’t limited to):

Remember, we are the creators of our own destines and as such we have the ability to define every facet of our lives including how we discern the universe’s messages to us. I listed only a few of the many ways I tune in and I’m still opening myself to new methods to this madness. If you find yourself unable to connect to traditional forms of meditating, it may be time to realize that you aren’t about that life either and switch up your routine and I’m here to confirm to you that IT’S 100% OKAY! We’re moving into higher dimensional energy on the regular so it’s best not to swim against the current and to, instead, learn to ride the wave of life. More often than not you don’t need books or articles to learn to listen to your intuition and activate the higher self. I used to think I did but now I know and this doesn’t mean I’ll never read again, it simply means I now regard outside resources as supplements to my powerful inner guidance, whereas before it was the other way around. Honestly, though, I’m just grateful for the learning experience because the utter freedom that has come with creating my own lane is irreplaceable. So take heed from my journey and don’t be intimidated by the idea of straying from societal norms and just doing what feels right to you. You’ll likely find that you, too, have always communed with spirit in your own unique and special ways.

Happy self-reflecting beloveds, namaste!

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