Isaiah 54:17

            Today I woke up inspired and with a message; perhaps for me, perhaps for YOU, perhaps for us both. I got to thinking about opposition and how much energy we spend within our culture, thinking of and in essence giving unnecessary energy to “haters,” people who are out of alignment with us. So I got to TRULY asking myself who cares? Really?! With so much to promote that inspires and enlightens, why bother focusing on promoting the opposite? Upon deeper reflection I concluded that haters have given us a false sense of identity. In feeding into hater-culture we somehow gratify the ego to experience being so in alignment with yourself that it pisses other people off but it’s not worth the emotional investment because negativity checked is still negativity spread.

         We have to understand that by investing thought and focus on how people’s negativity is affecting us, we’re giving it more life. Attention goes where energy flows. And I feel that so much!!! I can only talk about this because I relate and I understand. And there’s a time and place to get cocky and shit on your haters but once you allow yourself to LIVE in that place, to make a home within that place and to frequently visit that place then you need to check yourself! Toxic energy is addicting, wether we know it or not. We tend to spend a lot more time checking a hater than thanking a fan and that’s where things go sour. So I’m holding people accountable to clean up their lives, including myself! It’s time to remove any unnecessary negativities and tension from your experience. That means stop answering DM’s from “haters,” stop discussing your haters, stop letting them in PERIODT! Stop feeding the parasite that is collective negative energy dawgs!!! See beyond their sourness to see the truth which is hurt. A hater hates because they lack and if you reply, you give energy to their lack and thus reinforce more of the same. IN ESSENCE HELPING NOTHING AND NO ONE.

         The more I really thought about the time I spent giving energy to the opposition, fearful  of the opposition, guilted by the opposition, the more I got upset with MYSELF for having allowed it to get to me so deeply. But that’s what can happen if you’re unaware of how valuable your personal energy is. Now that I know better and have seen the results of practicing doing better, I could never feel the same way I once did. I could never bring myself to care about what a naysayer speaks, thinks, feels about Me to the detriment of myself. Life is simply too FULL to be drained by hate. Plus, on a grander scale I am one with all that is, so no weapon formed against me shall prosper! I’ve always heard the biblical phrase and understood it pragmatically but never truly took the time to FEEL it, to analyze it, to become one with it until now.

         In short, the verse goes “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.“ And the point isn’t to get wrapped up in the religious context behind it but to allow yourself to simply receive the truth of the words objectively. When I did, I felt grounded in security, as if I had just said a prayer that transcended my need to fear, giving me back so much energy I hadn’t known I was using up. The message is to know that you are safe and that you don’t need to “handle your haters” because that’s already done for you if you allow, thus saving you so much more energy to spread LOVE; the true universal language.

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