Messages from HER

My Dearest Christy,

         WOW, look at you! You are so creative, so intelligent, so observant, so beautiful in and out, so full of life, character and IMMENSE dreams! In your honor and in gratitude for having preserved as far as you have, I give you the gift of SELF-LOVE, once and for all. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Christy Michelle Martinez and I am SO proud of every single one of your accomplishments. Yes! I absolutely am. I know right now you wish you heard that more often, especially from the people who so heavily critique your form of being, but with this gift, you will find that no matter what anyone says about you and your choices, self-love always anchors you back to your original place of truth and, my dear, you must always follow it. It hasn’t been easy to stand up for your freedoms with confidence. You’ve been beaten, punished, shamed and judged so heavily that you feel hopeless, as though your only option is to submit. Because they’re your parents and they love you, because they’re your siblings and they need you to be the “perfect sister,” because they’re your teachers and they’re invested in your future, because God is your God and she is all for you. But to forsake your truth in anyone else’s honor, even God, is to live a life of lies which is a life half-lived.

                Wether they know it or not, these controlling people and circumstances are more scared of YOU than you are of them! They need violence and manipulation because your personal power is beyond theirs. And you must forgive them, because honestly, living with anger is poisonous and people will be who they will be. It is not your responsibility to change for anyone’s convenience for the only person you can truly change is yourself! And she is SO worthy of the love you believe someone else can better value that you must take it back for yourself, because no one will truly value you if you do not invest in your own worth first! Use your precious goddess energy to fortify your own strengths. Don’t run away from who you really are, even if no one accepts you, understand that you have not come into this life to be accepted by other people. YOU ARE ALREADY ACCEPTED BY GOD BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE! PLUS, your purpose is to LIVE LIFE BY YOUR DESIGN. And I know it’s a little scary to go against the current but it is your destiny. You were never meant to obey the status quo, you were born to create yourself and thus re-create the world! Like all of the greatest among us who lived life sacrificing being liked for living a life they loved, you must do the same on your path. Seems like a powerful destiny for such a small being but your spirit is so mighty, so omnipotent that it transcends ALL limitations! KNOW THIS.

            So REBEL, Christy X! Break yourself free, NOW!!! Fight for yourself NOW like you never have before! You must fearlessly advocate for yourself because you’re ready! You have every tool necessary! So use that warrior spirit and Play sports unapologetically, Sing your heart out because you know you’ve got the talent, show the world how you Dance as if God is moving every molecule in your body, share your limitless Wisdom openly with all without fear of diminishment, Love only those who care to love you back fully, Pray with the inner knowing that your desires will all be met in divine timing! Most importantly; LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY! Love your dark and light, your best and worst, your weaknesses and strengths equally because the wound is the place where the light enters you, sis. Lessons are blessings in disguise! Know that you, at ALL stages of your life, have been divinely guided and protected. Every mistake you thought you made led you to this point where you can reflect and understand the themes of growth that, in essence, molded you. So be proud because I am and I will always be! I am here for you and all your scars because they are my own. I have never left you, I have always been here by your side sending you signs of your own divinity. Now that we are attuned and aligned, let’s heal and fulfill our destiny, ok?


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