dedicated to the flowers 'B L O O M' is my first digital project which took the form of a self-designed e-magazine in collaboration with some of New York City's most beautiful souls. I titled it Bloom with intention, thinking about flowers, thinking of us as flowers. Like flowers, we have seasons where we wilt [...]

when you love hard

If you were ever to ask someone who really knew me how they'd describe me, it's likely that the word 'passionate' would, at some point, come up in that conversation. When I'm passionate about something or someone, it's quite clear. You hear it in the power of my voice when I speak, you can feel [...]

am i write?

It takes courage to be a writer. It shows immense character to sit down, find enough clarity and patience to sift through the millions of thoughts that run through one's head and find the perfect set of words to give birth to self-expression. Then to be able to write them down in a way that not [...]

perfectly imperfect

I’ve been searching for acceptance for a long time, until I realized that I didn’t even have my own and that was why I always felt so heavy with the weight of other people’s resentment toward me. truth is, though, I don’t owe anyone my perfection, especially not if I can’t even give it to myself. truth is, maybe [...]