a soul divided

I feel like I'm always doing the most. Trying to be the perfect role model, the ideal dating material, the politically correct writer, the consistent mentee, the most badass revolutionary, the considerate sister and the greatest friend. I'm fucking exhausted. I feel like I don't even know who I am sometimes because I'm so goddamn [...]

birth control (system) pt1

Birth control is defined as the intentional practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies typically by use of contraception. The history of birth control is tough but beautiful and diverse. Thousands of methods, ranging from inserting crocodile dung into the vagina to tying raccoon testicles to the body, have been created and implemented by women from as [...]

wtf is good hair?

       From as early as I can remember, society has been arguing about the varying levels of hair politics. From discussing if perming is cultural appropriation to challenging the notion that women can't rock a light caesar, hair has always stirred up controversy especially among communities of color. One of my favorites of all [...]

perfectly imperfect

I’ve been searching for acceptance for a long time, until I realized that I didn’t even have my own and that was why I always felt so heavy with the weight of other people’s resentment toward me. truth is, though, I don’t owe anyone my perfection, especially not if I can’t even give it to myself. truth is, maybe [...]